Measurement @ TAC Observatory

This is an interactive time series line chart with optional annotations from the last measurements of CO2 and CH4 from Tacolneston station. Measurements from the last 24 hours are at the minute time resolution and older measurement are hourly. Use the zoom links ("1d 5d 1m" and so on) to navigate into the time serie. Use your mouse to move into the time serie. below the time serie is the zoom range selection area (the area at the bottom of the chart). The outline in the zoom selector is a log scale version of the time series in the chart, scaled to fit the height of the zoom selector. You can also use the selector to move into the time serie. Note that the chart is rendered within the browser using Flash.

Tips on Mouse Controls
  • Click & Drag:To interact with the graph, click and drag either the start/stop day nodes or the scrolling block bar at the very bottom. The graph will update when you release the mouse button. If you click and drag within the graph itself, you can scroll backwards and forwards through the year.
  • Mouse Wheel: You can use the mouse wheel to interactively adjust the start date, thereby zooming in/out on the data.

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